FLOWERS, SOUNDS, COLOURS. Between Magic and Symbolism

Autore: Solas Boncompagni, Maurizio Monzali

Pagine: 144

ISBN (vers. digitale): 978-88-98905-89-8

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FLOWERS, SOUNDS, COLOURS. Between Magic and Symbolism

Illustrated in color. E-Book

A little masterpiece in colour. In the form of a handbook, it offers a reading of the meaning of flowers, sounds, and colours, the fruit of research harmonizing the realms of mythology, symbols, philosophy, science, and literature, with references also to alchemy and heraldry. Numerous connections with spirituality and curious notes are proposed. This is an invaluable addition to the contemporary publishing scene for its study of rare sources and its brilliant, original exposition.

Close your eyes, pay careful attention and, from the slightest whisper to the wildest noise, from the most elementary sound to the most complex chord, from the most vehement, impassioned cry to the meekest words of reason, it will always be nature that is speaking, revealing its presence, its strength, its life, and its connections.

Johann Wolfgang Goethe (The Theory of Colours)


(Italian Edition)

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Solas Boncompagni (1922-2017) was born in Sansepolcro (AR). A literature teacher and a journalist, he contributed to numerous magazines. A zealous researcher on topics concerning the unusual, literature, parapsychology, the heraldry of city coats of arms, symbolism, clypeology and ufology, he is the author of Il mondo dei simboli (Mediterranee), Alla ricerca del tempo perduto (Solfanelli), Simbologia degli stemmi di città toscane e contrade di Siena (Graal), and co-author of the six-volume series UFO in Italia (Tedeschi-UPIAR), La crescita interiore and Esperienze paranormali (Mediterranee), and in Spanish Los Pueblos del Misterio (Heptada, Madrid). He edited Il Libro dei prodigi by G. Ossequente (Tedeschi-Mediterranee), and others. Together with Maurizio Monzali he has already published Da Dante a von Braun and Gli Audaci for I Libri del Casato. He also composed numerous pieces of classical and modern music.

Maurizio Monzali was born in Florence in 1958. A journalist with a passion for literature, history, and religious tradition, he contributes to various magazines on topics concerning the unusual, parapsychology, ufology, and cryptozoology. A co-author of the series UFO in Italia (Tedeschi-UPIAR), with Solas Boncompagni he published Da Dante a von Braun and Gli Audaci (I Libri del Casato).


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